You fill my life with laughter

Monday morning I poured Dennis a cup of Earl Grey tea in a namesake cup. His middle name (and his mother's maiden name) is Greenwood, so it was appropriate that he should have his tea in a Royal Albert cup called the Greenwood Tree. The front of the cup depicts a large trunked, leafy shady tree. Spring flowers nestle around it. On the back is another tree of the same type. The tops of the trees are interrupted by the edge of the cup but the delightful playful design shows one of the top branches of the back tree spilling over the rim into the inside of the cup. These restful trees invite you to sit down and relax, perhaps with the Thomas Hardy novel, Under the Greenwood Tree. Unlike the more famous Hardy books, this story is not a tragedy. A movie adaptation of this romance just recently aired on Masterpiece Theatre. Dennis took his tea with two teaspoons of sugar and Half and Half. He had one cup , but abandoned his second cup to a conference call, (it was too hot to carry into the office). By the time he came back to claim it someone else had enjoyed it, and the cup had been washed and placed back in the cupboard. Van Morrison's "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?" was the perfect musical accompaniment.



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