Aynsley morning

I love tea cups! Recently I have been collecting English bone china cups and saucers. My family says I have enough cups to open a tea shop but I decided that what the world really needed was a tea cup Blog! The purpose of this blog is to celebrate the joy I have when I hold one of these small works of art in my hand and to record the thoughts, music and conversation that accompany this civilized act. Yesterday morning I selected an elegant Aynsley tea cup for my daughter-in-law Liz. It's a deep turquoise on a textured outside and on the inside is a small bird perched on a flowered branch. Liz sipped two cups of Earl Grey tea with milk and sugar while we listened to Tierney Sutton sing "Fly me to the moon."

Fly me to the moon
And let me play among the stars
Let me see what Spring is like
On Jupiter or Mars
In other words
Hold my hand
In other words darling
Kiss me


3 thoughts on “Aynsley morning

  1. Tea!!! Yumm. I love tea!! You are quite correct, the world did need a tea Blog and you are just the Aunt to do it properly!! Thank you for sharing your lovely stories!!

  2. Dear Maddison,

    I am tickled pink that you are enjoying the Tea blog. Stop by the next time you are in Miami to pose for a photo with one of my fine bone china tea cups. As I recall you have shapely long fingers that will set off the tea cups to perfection. There is no time to waste getting started in a career as a hand model! Give my regards to Bethany.
    May you always have time for tea,
    Auntie Teacups

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